Best Immersive Events London 2019

With the weather already beginning to warm up, we’ve already thought of how to create a memorable immersive event in London that matches up to the scorching weather we’re been having. London immersive events are a great way to cool down and get out of the blinding sunlight for a little while, without sacrificing any of that summer fun! That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly at dotdotdot to create one of the best immersive events in London for 2019 and beyond.

We’ve spared no expense in the development and creation of Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience and pulled out all the stops: we’ve got virtual reality, augmented reality, projection mapping, live actors who put you in the centre of the story and a reworked soundtrack courtesy of Jeff Wayne himself. Still want more? How does a virtual reality motion simulated boat ride, and to sweeten the whole deal we have an incredible bar at the end of the experience offering themed food and drink. That’s right: we’re extending our experience into The Spirit of Man bar by having fantastical moving images and a giant Martian Fighting Machine all whilst you enjoy a refreshing drink before or after your journey through this phantasmagorical immersive event in London so you will be fully immersed from the second you step through the door of this innovative and state of the art experience.

So why settle for hiding in your homes to escape the heat when you could be out there escaping the Martian Fighting Machines, experiencing the invasion for yourself and being totally immersed in 18th century London. Come along to the best immersive event London has to offer so that when your friends and family ask what you were up to this year you can say: ‘I survived The War of The Worlds!’

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