VR Experiences In London 

The VR experience is an ever changing one. We’ve rapidly leapt from early Virtual Reality Experiences like the View-Master in 1939, to the Virtual Boy in 1995 to the Oculus Rift in 2016 and now we’re seeing VR Experiences pop up all over; you can experience VR in the comfort of your own home, but nothing is quite the same as a fully immersive experience, so grab your friends, make your way into the city, grab a few drinks and see for yourself the wonders that Virtual Reality Experiences in London have to offer!

But you don’t just want the VR, right? You want immersive theatre, you want a legendary soundtrack, you want all the senses to be stimulated. Well, that’s where we come in…

Here at Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience, we have worked tirelessly to make sure you have to most memorable and immersive Virtual Reality Experience that you’ll be bragging to all your friends about. Not only do we use state of the art technology for your VR experience, but we also worked hard to find ways to engage all your other senses to create the most immersive Virtual Reality Experience in London you’ll ever encounter! You will smell the burning flesh, you will feel like you’re flying over London and you will hear the terrifying sounds of the Martians. Be sure to book your tickets now to avoid disappointment, experience one of the best Virtual Reality Experience London has to offer and join the war against the Martians.

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The Most Anticipated Virtual Reality Experience in London

Isn’t Virtual Reality great? Name another technology that allows you to fully immersive yourself in a zombie apocalypse, fighting for your life against a horde with a very real sense of urgency and danger; or find yourself tending to your crops in a tranquil and serene life that you always yearned for, feeling the cares of the real world fall away around you. It can be educational, entertaining and sometimes pretty frightening! In the past few years Virtual Reality has gone from science fiction to pop culture and naturally Virtual Reality experiences in London have been popping up a fair amount, none though, like what we have in store.

So why not get a few of your friends together and experience the best VR London has to offer? If you’ve just Googled Virtual Reality Experience London in order to find the most innovative and fun experience that currently exists, you’re in the right place!

Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience is unlike anything you will have ever seen; the sounds, sights and smells will take you deep into the story. We’ve created a Virtual Reality Experience for London that cannot be rivalled. Shaping up to be the most anticipated experiences with VR for London, we advise booking now to avoid disappointment and to make sure you and your friends can experience the fight for survival.

For more of an insight on what’s to come, check out our Behind the Scenes videos, our latest being on our star cast members who will be appearing in Virtual Reality and were recorded with volumetric capture, using 106 synchronised cameras. 

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London’s Top Immersive Theatre

Immersive theatre in London is some of the most exciting in the world! Where else can you fall down a rabbit hole, relive childhood nostalgia and go back in time to the 1920’s? Being immersed in a world unlike our own can be the most astonishing and breath-taking experience, transporting us into stories and atmospheres that we could usually only dream of! Throw a little bit of Virtual Reality into that mix and you will have experiences beyond your wildest imagination.

Here at dotdotdot, we are thrilled to announce that we’re back! After a critically acclaimed and award-winning run with our previous VR immersive theatre experience SOMNAI, we are excited to present to you our newest experience, Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience. Combining immersive theatre, state of the art augmented and virtual reality, and old school Victorian effects, Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience promises a VR immersive theatre experience you will never forget. 

We are recreating what it means to experience immersive theatre by not only using thrilling technology, but by seamlessly jumping between different layers of reality which marries the technology with traditional immersive theatre, creating a game changing experience that will leave you and your friends wondering if the chances of anything coming from Mars really are a million to one.

Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience promises to be one of the top immersive theatre events in London, transporting you to a post-invasion Steampunk world filled with magical moments. You’ve heard it. You’ve seen it. Now survive it! Taking bookings from the 16th of May for preview shows and opening on the 31st of May, experience the invasion for yourself and see if you can endure the attack of the Martians…

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