The War of The Worlds live

Experience The War of The Worlds Live

Is there any better way to experience The War of The Worlds other than live? There is something so exciting about hearing the Black Smoke Band live and that enormous Martian Fighting Machine being lowered in from the Heavens. Every iteration of The War of The Worlds live has been a breath-taking, spectacular event filled with stars such as Jason Donovan, Liam Neeson, Carrie Hope Fletcher and of course Anna-Marie Wayne. And what’s more The War of The Worlds tickets are always in high demand, having had multiple sell out tours in some of the UK’s largest venues.

Now thanks to cutting edge technology, creative thinking, and a reworked score from Jeff Wayne himself, we have a new way for you to experience The War of The Worlds live. You thought having the Martian Fighting Machine on stage was intimidating? Well you just wait until you’re inches away from its feet or worse you find yourself a prisoner of the Martians. You become part of the Martian invasion here at Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience, giving a new meaning to what it is to experience something live! You become part of the world that experienced the Martian invasion and lived to tell the tale; experiencing all the emotions in real time: the fear, the rush of adrenaline, the exhilaration, in a level of immersion you can only get when experiencing something that is truly live and immersive.

Tickets are selling fast, so to avoid missing out on escaping the Martian invasion through Horsell Common, the Red Weed Bar and London itself, book now to experience The War of The Worlds at its most intense form yet. You’ve heard it. You’ve seen it. Now survive it.

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VR experience

Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience – An Unforgettable VR Experience

How do you create an unforgettable VR experience? There are theories and thoughts and opinions out there that will tell you how. From destroying property, to hiding from zombies all the way through to just seeing yourself in virtual reality; just the presence of virtual reality is enough to make an experience incredible. But how do you make it unforgettable?

To create a truly unforgettable VR experience you need more than just the virtual reality, stay with us, this is going somewhere. You need to be able to smell the world around you, to be able to interact with the environment, there’s nothing like the feeling of walking over a rickety bridge in a VR experience and worrying if you’re actually going to fall. We’ve combined all these elements to create the most unforgettable VR experience this side of Mars so that you can feel the wind and rain on your face when you unite in an exciting naval battle, experience the heat of a burning church and the stab of fear when the feeding tube threatens to attack.

It’s moments like these that create that truly unforgettable VR experience, one where you all gather around at the end asking who saw what. Unforgettable VR experiences are ones you can discuss, reminisce and laugh about at the end which is exactly what we want you to do at Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience. Come down to experience truly unforgettable virtual reality, fight for survival with 11 other brave souls against the Martian forces and just hope that your whole group makes it out alive! You’ve heard it, you’ve seen it, now survive it. Book now to avoid missing out on your chance for the most unforgettable VR experience.

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VR in London

Looking For VR in London?

Of course you are! And why wouldn’t you be? Virtual reality is one of the most exciting technologies we have available to us right now, a way to fully immerse yourself into any adventure and put you at the heart of the action. It’s exciting, it’s frightening and it’s incredible. But with so many experiences of VR in London, how can you pick just one? Do you go by how long you’re in virtual reality? The bar? The atmosphere? We’re here to tell you why our VR in London is the best experience you’ll have this year.

Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience not only boasts having some of the most exciting VR in London but also breath-taking sets, phenomenal acting and even more incredible technology to tantalize your senses and make sure you get the most immersion out of our experience. VR in London is at such an exciting point right now and at our venue, we even have a fabulous bar that continues your immersion to much more beyond the experience, you thought the virtual reality was impressive? Just wait until you walk through the front doors!

True immersion runs far deeper than just a headset. We know that and that’s why here at Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience we worked hard to create a fully sensory experience so that you enjoy not just the fancy technologies we’ve used but also to really feel like you’re a part of the story, fighting for survival against the Martian fleet. So, come join the adventure, journey to London with us, fight alongside Thunder Child and escape dead London in worlds that can only be experience through virtual reality.

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best VR experience

Why The War of The Worlds Immersive Experience Is The Best VR Experience In London

Bold statement, eh? Well we stand by it! From the iconic score that has been adapted just for us to the cutting-edge technology to the fantastic bar we have made sure that from the moment you step inside our world you are having the best VR experience possible!

Let’s start with the first thing you see, the bar, and the only word I can use to describe it is breath-taking. You’re introduced to the idea that this isn’t your average experience, virtual reality or otherwise, we have moving paintings, a Martian Fighting Machine and even a Steampunk coffee machine (yes, you read that right!).

But what about the VR? Well to that I ask you this: How many experiences have you been through where the actors look at your rather than through you? Have you ever felt someone physically grab you whilst in the VR space? It’s elements such as these which makes Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience the one of the best VR experiences that’s currently on the market. The way in which the technology is blended in with live performance is so seamless highlights the fact that the future of immersive theatre lies within the realms of virtual reality; creating new and exciting worlds to truly create the best VR experience!

Take our fantastic bar, impressive virtual reality and combine that with the impressive sets and fantastic actors and you truly have what is arguably the best VR experience we’ve ever seen. But why take our word for it when you can come and experience it for yourself? We’re booking up quickly, so don’t hang about, get your tickets now for Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience- it truly is the best VR experience.

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The War of The Worlds Tour

What To Expect From Jeff Wayne’s The War Of The Worlds Immersive Experience

We’ve kept many secrets from you surrounding this new experience, mostly because we want you to go in blind, so you get the best experience! But we’ve decided now we can pull back the curtain a little and reveal to you what you can expect. Impressed by The War of The Worlds Tour? You’re about to be blown away by what we have in store for you.

You start by entering The Spirit of Man, our bar that is a glimpse into an alternate reality, which begs the question what if the Martians really invaded? How would we celebrate victory? Naturally, we raise a giant Martian Fighting Machine! This is the first thing you see when you come into our experience, it starts before you’ve even collected your wristband for the show! Come in, have one of our cocktails and enjoy the ambiance before you’re called to action. Once inside you meet our hero’s: George and Carrie – we have Anne-Marie Wayne reprising her role from The War of The Worlds Tour through the phantasmagoria of holograms! They invite you back in time where you see the Martian Invasion unfold: Horsell Common, the journey to London, escaping the Martians and helping Thunderchild’s heroic battle eventually land you in the Red Weed Bar; a moment of calm where you can enjoy our signature cocktail The Red Weed. I mean, let’s be honest, you thought the Martian Fighting Machine on The War of The Worlds Tour was terrifying? Just wait until you see it in virtual reality!

After a well-deserved break you find yourself in the hands of parson Nathaniel and his wife, once again Carrie Hope Fletcher reprises her role from The War of The Worlds Tour! Escape down the leg of the Martian Handling Machine to discover a Brave New World before flying over Dead London and safely landing back in The Spirit of Man bar. Have another drink, you’ll need it! This is just a glimpse of what you’ll experience at Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience, to see what all the hype is about you’ll just have to pay us a visit and survive for yourself!

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Virtual Reality London

The Best Virtual Reality Experience In London

Now we have opened Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience we’re already seeing an unbelievably enthusiastic reaction from audiences. With such a variety of Virtual Reality events in London we’re very excited that you’re enjoying the blend of live theatre, volumetric capture holograms and virtual reality. Virtual Reality events in London are going to be an exciting and unique way to stay cool this summer, offering you the chance to go on amazing adventures without even leaving the city! So why settle for just Virtual Reality in London where you have a brief flirtation with VR when you can immerse yourself in Victorian London with cutting edge technology, breath-taking sets and a full sensory experience?

So, what makes our Virtual Reality experience the best in London? It could be that our VR characters have the ability to focus on you, so their eyes follow you around the world, so you have a more personal experience. Maybe it’s the layered reality that allows you to feel the heat of the Martian Fighting Machine’s heat ray whilst you’re in virtual reality. Or, perhaps, it’s the motion simulators we have that accurately allow you to go on a journey through the rivers of London. We have so many layers to creating the best virtual reality experience for audiences that the only way to really see how incredible it is, is to experience it yourself.

Virtual reality is still an emerging and exciting technology and there are so many events going on all over the world right now. And, with new ways to experience Virtual Reality popping up all over London why not make an event of it and spend some time in our bar The Spirit of Man which boasts an extensive bar, fantastic cocktails and a delicious menu. So, come and experience what critics are calling ‘London’s most anticipated immersive experience’!

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Best Immersive Events London 2019

Best Immersive Events London 2019

With the weather already beginning to warm up, we’ve already thought of how to create a memorable immersive event in London that matches up to the scorching weather we’re been having. London immersive events are a great way to cool down and get out of the blinding sunlight for a little while, without sacrificing any of that summer fun! That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly at dotdotdot to create one of the best immersive events in London for 2019 and beyond.

We’ve spared no expense in the development and creation of Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience and pulled out all the stops: we’ve got virtual reality, augmented reality, projection mapping, live actors who put you in the centre of the story and a reworked soundtrack courtesy of Jeff Wayne himself. Still want more? How does a virtual reality motion simulated boat ride, and to sweeten the whole deal we have an incredible bar at the end of the experience offering themed food and drink. That’s right: we’re extending our experience into The Spirit of Man bar by having fantastical moving images and a giant Martian Fighting Machine all whilst you enjoy a refreshing drink before or after your journey through this phantasmagorical immersive event in London so you will be fully immersed from the second you step through the door of this innovative and state of the art experience.

So why settle for hiding in your homes to escape the heat when you could be out there escaping the Martian Fighting Machines, experiencing the invasion for yourself and being totally immersed in 18th century London. Come along to the best immersive event London has to offer so that when your friends and family ask what you were up to this year you can say: ‘I survived The War of The Worlds!’

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Behind The Scenes Of Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds The Immersive Experience

Behind The Scenes Of Jeff Wayne’s The War Of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience

Everyone loves some behind the scenes knowledge – it’s like having access to all the secrets of how a show works, and with immersive theatre, the more secrets you can dig up, the more exciting the knowledge. For example: did you know that for Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience we set a man on fire for one of our scenes? It’s true! (Check out our Instagram!) We’ve also converted 22,000 square feet worth of space into the inside of a Martian Handling Machine, a church, a boatyard and more! Immersive theatre is one of the most exciting forms of theatre out there at the moment, so why not show a little peak behind the curtain?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our ‘Making Of’ series, you’ll have seen our trip to Dimension Studio to record the volumetric footage to create our VR Immersive Experience for London, and if you were really quick you can even see a glimpse of our enormous site being built! Our ‘Making Of’ series is the perfect way to get yourself excited for your visit to this Immersive Experience in London, giving you just a taste of everything that’s waiting for you just behind the doors of The Spirit of Man bar, so if you haven’t seen them yet we fully encouraging taking a little look behind that curtain and see what’s waiting for you.

We’ve almost finished putting the final touches on the experience to make it a truly special experience for those of you who are brave enough to attend but we don’t want to spoil all the surprises. To see everything we have lined up for the next generation of immersive theatre, make sure you book now to avoid missing out!

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The War of The Worlds Now a Reality

The War of The Worlds: Book, Musical, Movie and Now a Reality

The War of The Worlds is a phenomenon that has spanned generations, starting with the H.G. Wells revolutionary novel, Orson Wells memorable radio dramatization, Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of the War of The Worlds that took the world by storm and not forgetting the 2005 Steven Spielberg adaptation of The War of The Worlds to name a few. The War of The Worlds has always had an extraordinary effect of sparking innovation and creativity, which is why we’re thrilled to be the next step in this incredible journey of an incredible story. Here at dotdotdot, we have been combining live immersive performance, with innovative, cutting-edge technology, a soundtrack by Jeff Wayne himself and breath-taking practical effects to continue the legacy of this ground-breaking story.

Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds found new and innovative ways to tell a classic story, through a stylish progressive and symphonic rock soundtrack, creating memorable musical moments such as the opening notes from The Eve of the War, the bassline from Horsell Common and the Heat Ray and the beautiful vocals within Forever Autumn. The stadium tours allowed you to look on in awe at Jeff Wayne as he conducted his orchestra, and introduced you to the size of the Martian Fighting Machines – so why not take it further? Why not be a part of the story?

Experience the size of the Martian Fighting Machines as they loom over you whilst destroying London, feel the heat on Horsell Common as Ogilvy approaches the cylinder, feel those opening notes of The Eve of the War as the story comes to life around you through projection-mapping and holograms. Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience is shaping up to be the most anticipated immersive experience this year; to avoid disappointment we urge you to book now and get your tickets so that you don’t miss out on this opportunity to take part in the legacy of The War of The Worlds.

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The War of The Worlds VR

An Alien Invasion of Epic Scale – Culture Whisper

London's appetite for immersive adventure shows no sign of abating. Last year's most engrossing experience came from new comers dotdotdot theatre company. After taking us deep into the realm of lucid dreaming in Somnai they return with a new site-specific adventure for 2019. And, after a sell out debut, expectations are high. Read More

- Culture Whisper

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