Experience the future with Layered RealityTM entertainment through the legendary music of Jeff Wayne’s musical version of The War of The Worlds.

Layered RealityTM combines the newest in digital advances (Virtual Reality, projection mapping and volumetric holograms) together with theatrical features (sets, live actors and pyrotechnics) and physical elements (taste, temperature, touch, smell and sound) to create an immersive experience that is truly memorable.

All your senses will be heightened as you and your team make your way around our award-winning experience, covering 25 themed areas over 22,000 square feet, all to the unmistakable anthems of Jeff Wayne’s iconic score.

Grab a drink and a bite to eat in the Steampunk themed restaurant and bar under the watchful gaze of a Martian Fighting Machine prior to and after your experience.

Located in the heart of the City of London, HG Wells’ timeless novel is brought to life with this unique and spectacular Layered RealityTM experience.

“An assault on all five senses... I jumped out of my skin!”

‘The futureof entertainment’