The Best Virtual Reality Experience In London

Now we have opened Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience we’re already seeing an unbelievably enthusiastic reaction from audiences. With such a variety of Virtual Reality events in London we’re very excited that you’re enjoying the blend of live theatre, volumetric capture holograms and virtual reality. Virtual Reality events in London are going to be an exciting and unique way to stay cool this summer, offering you the chance to go on amazing adventures without even leaving the city! So why settle for just Virtual Reality in London where you have a brief flirtation with VR when you can immerse yourself in Victorian London with cutting edge technology, breath-taking sets and a full sensory experience?

So, what makes our Virtual Reality experience the best in London? It could be that our VR characters have the ability to focus on you, so their eyes follow you around the world, so you have a more personal experience. Maybe it’s the layered reality that allows you to feel the heat of the Martian Fighting Machine’s heat ray whilst you’re in virtual reality. Or, perhaps, it’s the motion simulators we have that accurately allow you to go on a journey through the rivers of London. We have so many layers to creating the best virtual reality experience for audiences that the only way to really see how incredible it is, is to experience it yourself.

Virtual reality is still an emerging and exciting technology and there are so many events going on all over the world right now. And, with new ways to experience Virtual Reality popping up all over London why not make an event of it and spend some time in our bar The Spirit of Man which boasts an extensive bar, fantastic cocktails and a delicious menu. So, come and experience what critics are calling ‘London’s most anticipated immersive experience’!

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