Located adjacent to the Tower of London, our newest Layered Reality™ experience combines cutting edge technology (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Projection Mapping), theatre (live actors and intricate sets) and physical sensations (taste, temperature, touch and aroma) to bring the World’s most notorious conspiracy in British history to life.

Set to open in Autumn 2020 and spread over 20,000 square feet, adventurers will travel back to the 17th Century to be amongst the Gunpowder Plotters to test their nerve amongst the conspirators. With the Tower of London looming above, torture, darkness and imprisonment are never far away.

A unique themed bar, with food available, will transport adventurers back in time before the journey begins, with an additional bar halfway through – ideal for corporate and group parties.

If you are a member of the travel trade and would like to include the experience in your packages, email ana.araque@dotdot.london.

For press and media enquiries, contact marketing@dotdot.london.

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