What To Expect From Jeff Wayne’s The War Of The Worlds Immersive Experience

We’ve kept many secrets from you surrounding this new experience, mostly because we want you to go in blind, so you get the best experience! But we’ve decided now we can pull back the curtain a little and reveal to you what you can expect. Impressed by The War of The Worlds Tour? You’re about to be blown away by what we have in store for you.

You start by entering The Spirit of Man, our bar that is a glimpse into an alternate reality, which begs the question what if the Martians really invaded? How would we celebrate victory? Naturally, we raise a giant Martian Fighting Machine! This is the first thing you see when you come into our experience, it starts before you’ve even collected your wristband for the show! Come in, have one of our cocktails and enjoy the ambiance before you’re called to action. Once inside you meet our hero’s: George and Carrie – we have Anne-Marie Wayne reprising her role from The War of The Worlds Tour through the phantasmagoria of holograms! They invite you back in time where you see the Martian Invasion unfold: Horsell Common, the journey to London, escaping the Martians and helping Thunderchild’s heroic battle eventually land you in the Red Weed Bar; a moment of calm where you can enjoy our signature cocktail The Red Weed. I mean, let’s be honest, you thought the Martian Fighting Machine on The War of The Worlds Tour was terrifying? Just wait until you see it in virtual reality!

After a well-deserved break you find yourself in the hands of parson Nathaniel and his wife, once again Carrie Hope Fletcher reprises her role from The War of The Worlds Tour! Escape down the leg of the Martian Handling Machine to discover a Brave New World before flying over Dead London and safely landing back in The Spirit of Man bar. Have another drink, you’ll need it! This is just a glimpse of what you’ll experience at Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Immersive Experience, to see what all the hype is about you’ll just have to pay us a visit and survive for yourself!

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