Why You Don’t Want to Miss Out on The War of The Worlds Tickets

No one would have believed in the last years of the 19th century that human affairs where being watched by intelligences that inhabited the timeless worlds of space.

Those opening words and the opening notes of The Eve of the War have sent chills down the spines of generations and are the reason why The War of The Worlds Tickets are in particularly high demand! Having sold out shows across the decades, Jeff Wayne really knows how to put on a show, it’s been mentioned before in the blog but that giant Martian Fighting Machine descending from the ceiling really is a sight to behold!

Now it’s 2019, you want to see how things can be taken to another level. Which is why, in true War of The Worlds fashion, we have leapt into a new era. The era of virtual reality, volumetric holograms and 360 projection mapping. You want reasons to not miss out on The War of The Worlds Tickets? We’ve got them! We have a reworked version of Jeff Wayne’s iconic score, a version you will only be able to hear in the show, a highlight must be the special 20-minute remix he made just for us! We have holograms that use different techniques, from the old school peppers ghost, to volumetric capture projected onto hologauze, bringing George and Carrie to life before your very eyes!

And the cherry on the cake? 4 individual virtual reality experiences based on iconic scenes from Jeff Wayne’s soundtrack that allow you to become immersed within the action, you’ll find yourself fleeing, sailing and flying during these incredibly experiences. Do you really need any more reasons to get your The War of The Worlds tickets? Book now to avoid disappointment and become one of the survivors of the terrifying Martian invasion of 1898!

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The War of The Worlds Tickets